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I am a highly successful consultant with 40 years of tuna processing experience. My expertise is making tuna canneries very profitable. I have a proven track record in the USA(StarKist in American Samoa), Thailand(Thai Union/Songkla Canning), Korea(Dongwon Industries), the Philippines(Century Canning, PhilBest Canning), Papua New Guinea(RD Tuna Canners) and Indonesia(Avila Prima Intra Makmur). I have made all of these companies very profitable through my expertise of management, technical processing, and plant design.

My experience and success in tuna, seafood, and pet food operations includes the following. I spent 17 years with StarKist Seafoods which is the largest tuna processor in the world. My contributions at StarKist are substantial and include over $36 million in annual savings from raw fish yields, labor reduction, process improvements and others. These savings are what kept StarKist number one and allowed them to remain competitive with Thailand. I also worked 3.5 years for Thai Union Manufacturing and Songkla Canning located in Thailand which is the 2nd largest tuna processor in the world. Again my success was over $10 million in annual savings. Century Canning is the largest tuna processor in the Philippines, and Dongwon the largest in Korea. Both of these companies became profitable using my consulting. RD Tuna Canners, the only tuna cannery in Papua New Guinea had significant improvement in profitability. In Indonesia, I made significant improvement to the processing for increased profitability. My work experience covers many different countries through out the world. All of my work was with the largest and most successful tuna companies.

All the plants that I worked at, I was able achieve many substantial cost reductions and made big improvements in their recovery/yield/quality. I also made many improvements in processing, efficiencies, quality, and equipment. Because of my reputation with buyers throughout the world, I was able to expand the sales/marketing. All plants were made HACCP certified by me. I look at the full scope of the company and focus on raw fish supply, marketing, operations, and quality control. All of these savings made them much more profitable. I emphasize team work which creates a well organized working environment. This will contribute to substantial improvements in the general operation. My American management skills allow me to introduce standard operating procedures and systematic methods which make any operation far more efficient. My thorough understanding of each countries culture has contributed to my success.

As a professional in the tuna industry, my expertise includes the following:

  1. Plant construction and design
  2. Management and organization
  3. Maximize yields and labor/equipment efficiency
  4. Maximize cost effectiveness and profitability
  5. Improve processing and product quality
  7. Sales and Marketing
  8. Fish Procurement and Sourcing
  9. Technical Services

There are many opportunities to maximize the cost effectiveness of any manufacturing operation which will make the plant very profitable. My success shows that I can make significant contributions in optimizing the operation which will result in substantial financial savings and will highly impact profitability.

In order to become reputable and a leader in the tuna industry, it takes more than just building a plant or acquiring an existing tuna cannery. Many large companies had a vision of becoming the largest and best tuna processor in the world and ended up in failure. They flourished and then failed due to inexperience, over confidence, and mismanagement. Classic examples are Unicord in Thailand and First Dominion in the Philippines. Both of these were the largest tuna processors in Asia at the peak of their success. From my vast experience and knowledge, I know what it takes to be successful and to be the most reputable and profitable in the world. In addition, I know how to sustain this success over the long term and to provide steady growth in future years.

Please let me know if you would be interested in a full time contract or as a consultant. Normally, I prefer a 1-5 year contract where I would spend 2-3 weeks per month at your plant. This is negotiable so that we can develop a plan that is very suitable for your requirements. We can discuss further by email, phone, or fax.

Resume is available below

I Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Don Hosokawa


USA Cellphone +1(714) 7265670

Professional Objective

A permanent position with a notable firm that builds upon my strong business experience and which will utilize my skills and knowledge. Have responsibility over several plants throughout the world.


Forty years of tuna, seafood, and petfood manufacturing experience. Progressive responsibility in operations management, including all aspects of finance, sales/marketing, quality control, warehousing logistics, all phases of production, technical services, can manufacturing, overseas operations, human relations, engineering, and research/development. Overseas experience includes Mexico, Canada, American Samoa, Europe, Korea, Latin America, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Thailand. Proven track record of accomplishments in all areas of operations including, management, product quality improvement, product development, cost-effectiveness, sales/marketing and yields. Strong abilities in problem-solving, as well as excellent communication, documentation and presentation skills. Proven demonstration of leadership abilities. Initiates good conceptual ideas with practical applications. Strategic thinker. Successfully manages large budgets, resources, and personnel. Expertise in processing, yield improvement, supervision, training and personal development. Experienced with most government regulatory agencies. Strong union negotiator and campaign organizer. Effective TQM philosophy. HACCP certified by FDA and NMFS. A hands on and results oriented individual.

Business Experience

  • Designed and built a tuna canning plant for frozen cooked loins.

General Consulting
Throughout the World                                                                                                                           2017-Present

Arel Foods(3yr)
Technical Consultant, Panama City, Panama                                                                                       2014-2016

  • Designed and built a tuna canning plant for frozen cooked loins.

General Consulting
Throughout the World                                                                                                                           2011-2015

Getax Australia Pty Ltd (2 yr)
Head of Fisheries Projects,┬áNauru, Asia, India, Maldives,                                                                     2008-2010

  • Initiate and develop projects in the tuna industry. Responsibility for planning, management of operations and new projects.

General Consulting
Throughout the World                                                                                                                           2011-2015

PT. Avila Prima Intra Makmur (1yr)
Consultant, Indonesia                                                                                                                          2004-2005

  • Develop plant processing, recoveries, management, and all technical aspects to improve efficiencies and product quality.

Carruthers Equipment Company (1yr)
Sales Consultant, Asia                                                                                                                         2003-2004

  • Develop and promote sales of food processing equipment in most Asian countries including Japan, Korea, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico.

RD Tuna Canners, PhilBest Canning Corp. (1 yr)
Consultant, Papua New Guinea/Philippines                                                                                          2001-2002

  • Assist all RD Group of companies, in particular tuna canneries in General Santos, Philippines and in Madang, Papua New Guinea. Responsible for all technical, marketing, and managerial organization of the plants. Improve labor and equipment efficiencies. Improve quality and recovery. Develop GMP=s and HACCP. Make service visits for all customers in US, Europe, Canada, etc.

Largest tuna processor in the Philippines
Consultant, Philippines                                                                                                                       1999 - 2001

  • Technical support for all Century Pacific Group of companies. Responsible for all technical and managerial organization of the plants. Improve labor and equipment efficiencies. Improve quality and recovery. Develop GMP=s and HACCP. Make service visits for all customers in US, Europe, Canada, etc.

Largest seafood processor in Korea and the largest raw tuna supplier in the world.
Consultant, Korea                                                                                                                               1997 -1999

  • Responsible for all technical and processing aspects of the plant. Improve labor and equipment efficiencies. Improve quality and recovery. Develop GMPs and HACCP. Negotiate business partnerships with U.S. companies.

Largest seafood processor in Thailand and the 2nd largest tuna processor in the world.
Consultant-Director Technical Services, Thailand                                                                              1993 - 1996

  • Responsible for Thai Union Group of companies including 3 tuna, seafood & petfood canneries. Total employed 7,000 people.
  • Develop standard processing procedures, HACCP Plan, Good Manufacturing Practices, team work/leadership, improve processing methods, fish recoveries, labor efficiencies, product quality, and management development. Introduce equipment to substantially reduce labor.
  • Interface with sales & marketing and international customers to improve business relationship and assure product specifications. Organized a structured operation similar to large corporations.

STARKIST FOODS, INC.(H.J. Heinz Group) (17 yrs)
Largest tuna processor in the world.
Manager Research and Process Improvement, Corporate Headquarters                                           1986 - 1993

  • Responsible for technical services, research & development, research & process engineering for all plants. Includes development of new formulations, new equipment, process improvements, automation, troubleshooting, etc.

Manager of Operations, Samoa Facility                                                                                               1985 - 1986

  • Responsible for all aspects of plant operations which employs 2,300 people.
  • Major function is canned tuna, canned pet food, fish meal and can manufacturing.
  • Increased production capacity from 30,000 tons to 100,000 tons

Plant Superintendent, Samoa Facility                                                                                                  1982 - 1985

  • Responsible for all production areas. Part of four year overseas assignment.

Asst. to VP and General Manager of Operations, Corporate Headquarters                                        1979 - 1981

  • Budget preparation, financial analyzes, cost schedules for all plants.
  • Direct contact with plant managers.
  • Technical advisor for overseas plants.

Quality Control Manager, U.S. Facility                                                                                                 1978 - 1979

  • Responsible for all Quality Control (Q.C.) for three plants

Operations Manager/Production Supervisor, U.S. Facility                                                                   1978

  • Managed loining operation in Government cannery in Mexico, also production supervisor.

Laboratory Technician, Quality Control Supervisor, U.S. Facility                                                        1976 - 1978

  • Chemical analysis of tuna products. Supervised all Q.C. functions for one plant

Production Well Puller, U.S. Facility                                                                                                    1974 - 1976

  • Worked on oil rig. Services and maintained production of all oil wells.

Professional Profile

Bachelor of Science in Zoology, California State University - 1975
Professional Member - National Institute of Food Technologists
HACCP Certified by FDA and NMFS
FDA Better Process Control School